Are you interested in building a home steeped in Japanese character and history? If you are Heritage Homes Japan can present to you a truly unique opportunity, the opportunity to build a brand new 200 year old home. Heritage Homes Japan source, relocate and rebuild historic Japanese homes, specialising in farm houses or Japanese Kominka.

A large thatched roof home reflected in a pond

BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS FROM ANCIENT HARDWOOD:  A Kominka is a traditional large Japanese farmhouse. They are astonishingly beautiful and extremely well built from massive hardwood timber beams. In choosing to restore a Kominka you will be investing in a home of heritage, culture and history.

A snowy street with a large a frame house to the left

COST AND VALUE: Construction in Japan is not cheap, and the mass-produced modern houses available in Japan are not of the best quality by international standards. Heritage Homes Japan farmhouses, however, which were originally built well over 100 years ago, are constructed out of massive hardwood timber beams, and proven to survive the harshest winters, earthquakes and storms.

House plans

Although it is not an easy task to dismantle, re-locate and re-build these large buildings, the end cost is no more expensive than buying a standard, medium-quality modern house. So when you are looking to build a home on your land in Japan, the choice is yours: a standard, run-of-the mill house or a Heritage Home.

A computer generated image of a house frame

SAFETY & SECURITY: All our projects are fully in compliance with the strictest Japanese structural, earthquake & fire regulations. Heritage Homes only works accredited, licensed Master Craftsmen and suppliers. Our construction team has a 40 year track record and carry full warranties, guarantees and liability insurance.

WHY DO BUSINESS WITH HERITAGE HOMES? 25 years of sustainable, innovative and most of all beautiful resort projects all over Asia have given them an unequalled expertise in all aspects of responsible development. They are driven by passion for their craft, a love for Japanese heritage and a hard-earned expertise in their field.

If you are interested in restoring a Japanese Kominka HN property can introduce you to Heritage homes and help to ensure your vision is realised.